jennys matblogg pasta lax kräftor Entrepreneurship crucial for successful companies in Europe

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opererat bort halsmandlarna ont i öronen We need a holistic perspective to be able to create a better European ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Innovation is not enough, the products must be commercialised and reach the market if companies are to be able tocreate growth.

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Magnus Henrekson
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Gunnar Hökmark
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Jakop Dalunde
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mamma klagar på allt But there are huge differences between the member states. Today we have 28 different versions of capitalism and reform must be based on the preconditions in each country. That was Professor Magnus Henrekson, CEO of the IFN, message when he presented a report on innovation and entrepreneurship at a seminar arranged by the Brussels office of The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and IFN at the Permanent representation of Sweden to the EU.

marcus hellner lön In the rapport “Institutional Reform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: An Agenda for Europe” (published as a part of the EU project Fires), Magnus Henreksson together with IFN research colleagues and co writers Niklas Elert och Mikael Stenkula, suggests reform in nine areas.

strömavbrott fortum göteborg Taxes is one of them, the report suggests they should be low and general.

erbjöd sig på engelska Opening up for pension funds – which represent a very large part of all saved capital – to be investable as venture capital for the entrepreneurial sector is essential.

ämnet bild på franska And it’s important that social insurance is not tied to a single company but are portable, like the Danish flexicurity system.

fågelloppor på människor The rapport was discussed by a representative for the European Commission and two Members of the European Parliament, and the discussion was moderated by the chief of the Brussels office of The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise Jens Hedström.

försvunna my bjursten köttfärsgratäng pasta creme fraiche Slawomir Tokarski, responsible for innovation and advanced production for the European Commission’s Directorate for the single market, industrial entrepreneurship and SME, said that innovation is becoming more and more complex as far as policy is concerned. Innovation contains several ingredients, not just new industrial products and services. It also concerns new phenomenon’s, such as intellectual property.

bygga altan direkt på mark - That means that more people, sectors and departments need to work towards the same goal. We also need to have a holistic view and get away from every DG focusing solely on their particular area. This can be combined with a bottom up-perspective that has been successfully used in several regions. They gathered several regions, all of whom compiled their specific competence and what they needed to create projects. Turned out no one had all the necessary competence on their own, but together they did. We have gathered more DGs at the Commission to help the regions continue this work, which also involve developing business plans and attracting private investors.

rensa sökhistorik google maps skyttegravar första världskriget belgien Jakop Dalunde, Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Green party, agreed with Henrekson that there are major differences between the member countries, and that makes it harder to find EU solutions. 

granskad av försäkringskassan - Many of Magnus Henreksons suggestions can be implemented nationally, but not on an EU level. Henrekson is right that more money doesn’t necessarily create more entrepreneurship but I’m not interested only in creating more entrepreneurship, but also that innovation can solve new societal challenges. Through Horizon 2020 we create technical solutions which can help us tackle the challenges we are facing, for example the climate issue.

fått dubbelhaka gravid sängar ikea sultan Gunnar Hökmark, Member of the European Parliament for the Moderate party, questioned whether it is possible to create a competitive Europe by means of politics.  It will take a more open approach to competition, at the same time as different member states will need to take different measures.

spänd mage gravid v 38 - In Europe we love competition – until we have it. A lot of big companies make governments and politicians do what they want, and protect their industry from newcomers. Everybody loves innovation until you realise what it does to the balance. We need to love the process where old business give room to new ones. We as politicians need to make the uncomfortable decisions, like lowering taxes and deregulating.

korsbandsskada på hund Professor kassler broccoli ostsås Magnus Henrekson, CEO of IFN, summarised the discussion with one clear message.

att vara kär i någon - Europe needs large, successful businesses in Europe. We shouldn’t worry about the Chinese making cheaper solar panels. Instead, we need to make sure that there are European companies using those cheap panels in smart ways. That kind of large scale companies is what will make us really successful.


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The entrepreneurial perspective is being neglected in the EU digitalisation process

The digital single market is a hot topic in the EU right now. Sweden has plenty of confidence when it comes to digitalisation, which does by its nature transcends all borders. The government’s overall goal is for Sweden to be best in the world at using the opportunities offered by digitalisation. But unfortunately the entrepreneurial perspective usually comes second when the European countries attempts to create a digital inner market.
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American tariffs hurt Swedish and European industry

"President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is very unfortunate. It will hurt Swedish industry both directly and indirectly", says Carola Lemne, Director General of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
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The EU-commission wants to go big on AI

vilken vecka är jag i gravid AI  The US and China are way ahead of Europe regarding development of autonomous computer systems. That disadvantage must change if European business and industry is to retain its competitive edge into the future, writes Olof Erixon, Senior legal counsel.
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EU – the clearest voice for free trade

In the beginning of May, the Free Market Road Show (FMRS) took place in Stockholm. Jens Hedström, Head of Brussels Office, International Director, Swedish Enterprisestand up komiker göteborg 2016 , was one of the panellists together with PJ Anders Linder, CEO Axess Foundation, the British economist Richard Teather among others.
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Sweden should oppose the digital tax proposals

drop in tatuering stockholm söder TAXES The Swedish Government should oppose the controversial digital tax proposals from the EU Commission and work with the OECD to find an internationally acceptable solution.
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Controversial EU tax proposal on digital services causes concern for small exporting economies

woody allen wikipédia magyar TAX The Director Generals for the Swedish, Danish and Finnish business federations have, in a joint letter addressed to the Finance Ministers of their respective countries, expressed their concern for the EU Commissions digital tax plan.
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Protectionism only produces losers

The impact of globalisation has been positive for most of the world’s population. However, the economic integration of economies also accelerates change which puts increasing pressure on societies to be able to adapt to such change. We need to stand up for the clear advantages of globalisation, while making sure our societies have the flexibility necessary to adapt to rapid changes in technology and labor markets. These were the main conclusion at a seminar about free trade and globalization in times of protectionism, organized by The Society for Business and Politics in the European Parliament.
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Let’s talk about the losers of protectionism

European politicians have a big role to play in communicating why globalisation matters. We need politicians that are brave enough to talk about the losers of protectionism, not just the losers of globalisation, writes Carola Lemne.
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The European Commission: Swedish companies best at innovation

Within the framework for the European Commission’s EU Industry Day February 22-23 in Brussels, Teknikföretagen and RISE was chosen to present how Swedish enterprise and academy cooperate around invention under the headline TESTBED Europe, accelerating innovation and strengthening eco-systems. The seminar proved to be one of the events most popular, and gathered experts from all over Europe. The participants all agreed that Sweden is the leading example of innovation, but why?
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OECDs ambassadors meeting – act for growth and prosperity

January 19th marked the date for BIACs annual meeting with the ambassadors of OECD. This year’s theme was ”Business priorities for OECD action: a call for growth and prosperity” and tackled subjects like entrepreneurship, multilateral framework for trade, tax and investments, creating opportunities for business to create the jobs of the future and developing high quality regulation that strengthens businesses competitiveness. 
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Trilogue negotiations – striking the right balance between transparency and efficiency

A trilogue is just what it sounds like – a dialogue between three parties. In a European context the three parties in question are the European parliament, the European Commission and the Council. There are advantages to these trilogues; it’s a quicker decision process which can be used ad hoc with the three most important parties present. But the opposition is growing against the increased frequency, particularly because of lack of transparency that trilogues entail.
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Entrepreneurship crucial for successful companies in Europe

We need a holistic perspective to be able to create a better European ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Innovation is not enough, the products must be commercialised and reach the market if companies are to be able tocreate growth.
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A framework for free flow of non-personal data in the European Union

totalvikt tjänstevikt bruttovikt maxlast COMMENT The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise welcomes this regulation with its aim to ensure the free data flow within the European Union. Europe can no longer afford to keep the Digital Single Market held back by protectionism and fragmentation, says Göran Norén, Head of Department, Industrial Affairs, and Carolina Brånby, Digital Policy expert.
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Nordic labour market models and the Social Pillar – complementary or colliding?

bombay palace södra vägen SOCIAL PILLAR The Nordic employer organizations organised a seminar in Brussels where invited representatives from the EU institutions, industry and trade union discussed their views on the Social Pillar taking into account the Nordic labour market models.
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Connected consumers: risk or opportunity?

New technology and data-driven innovation create new business models and services that enable companies to help their customers by adjusting their products and become more relevant. At the same time, access to and analysis of data challenges the personal integrity and the view of how integrity should best be safeguarded. How shall development of new services and personalisation be balanced with demands of personal integrity? Do consumers have access to relevant information? And who is responsible for what?
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Business and politics hand in hand to solve environmental challenges

The world and humanity are facing some of our greatest challenges. More people are using more natural resources. Fish stocks are running the risk of extinction, freshwater resources are far from adequate, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing and biodiversity is becoming depleted. Never before has a creature been able to affect our planet to the extent humanity does today.All of this constitutes major challenges - but there is hope for our future. And many solutions can be found within the business community.
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The recipe for a competitive EU

The success of the EU’s can be measured largely in the level of exchange in goods, services, people, and capital. The complete implementation of the Single Market is key. Much remains to be done in many areas, such as the free movement of services and labour, eliminating restrictive national processes, regulations and standards, and ensuring that common legislation is applied uniformly and consistently. As long as barriers to the four freedoms remain, European competitiveness will continue to be held back.
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Trump cannot kill climate hope

As the USA now plans to exit the Paris Climate agreement, the EU and Sweden can have the greatest impact by demonstrating that combining competitiveness and high levels of prosperity with continuing to reduce climate emissions is possible. The entrepreneurial sector will drive climate issues forward, more than policy makers. Technical innovation is advancing quickly in many fields, reducing costs for new technology. Even US President Donald Trump cannot change these facts despite his misguided passion for coal, writes Maria Sunér Fleming, Head of Energy and Climate Policy at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
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Do we need a more social Europe?

Is a “Social Europe” the right medicine to stop growing populism? Can new social rights and social legislation foster growth and jobs? Is the fight against social dumping in fact a pretext for protecting domestic workers? What is the role of the EU and the Member States?
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Trust in the European Union at a crossroads – Europaperspektiv 2017

Swedish universities have since 1998 cooperated in national networks within political science, economics and law. The purpose is to enhance the interest and knowledge in the European Union. Each year a book is published to disseminate knowledge to a broader audience. The book is divided into three main areas, political science, economics and law and each year grasps a specific topic. The topic of the year is trust, which incorporates trust both between member states but also between citizens and institutions.