kluriga gåtor och svar för barn What impact of the Social Pillar on EU prosperity?

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nemo i drömmarnas land film The EU’s approach to social policy is currently changing. In November 2017, the European Pillar of Social Rights (the Social Pillar) was proclaimed as a visionary document setting up goals for an upward convergence in this area. In this year’s State of Union address, the president of the EU-commission Jean-Claude Juncker asserted that “It is time we turned the good intentions that we proclaimed at the Gothenburg Social Summit into law”. And, as a matter of fact, this process is well under way.

Mr Jutte, Mr Karlsson, MEP Federley
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brukar säga engelska The potential effect of this new development was the topic of a seminar held on Tuesday 16 October titled “What impact of the Social Pillar on EU prosperity?” Following the presentation of the åldersgräns dricka alkohol sverige “The European Social Pillar: A Threat to Welfare and Prosperity? by Professor Nils Karlson (Ratio Institute)”, a lively panel discussion was held by MEP Fredrick Federley (ALDE), and Jeroen Jutte, Head of the unit Employment and social governance at DG EMPL, with Dr. Gabriella Sebardt, Director Social Affairs at the Confederation Swedish Enterprise, acting as moderator. The event was hosted by the latter organisation in collaboration with the Society for Politics and Business (Sällskapet för Näringsliv och Politik – SPN).

lundegårds camping dansbandsveckan sandqvist ryggsäck rea Dr. Sebardt started the discussion by confirming that signs had been visible well before the Gothenburg Summit, prompting joint actions by the Swedish social partners.

starkare smärtstillande än alvedon june express omdöme Professor Karlson elaborated on the Social Pillar’s possible consequences for the direction in which the EU is heading. “The Social Pillar will not only affect member states’ unique welfare systems but will also change their labour market models”, Karlson said. Setting objectives at the EU level legitimises EU legislation, rendering the subsidiarity principle a tool for centralisation, he contended. In the short-term, this will damage specifically the Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon labour market models but in the long-term, it will disfavour all member states, threatening both prosperity and welfare. Instead of a one-size-fits-all-policy, the EU should encourage reforms in member states with weak governance, fragile welfare states, and uncertain labour markets. Such institutional competition allows for innovation (and policy learning) as well as accountability, the latter being important to ward off populist EU-critical movements.

nicole påkörd av lastbil sovit dåligt ont i huvudet Mr. Jutte painted a more visionary picture of the Social Pillar. He emphasized the importance of European competiveness when confronted by demographic challenges, global actors, and digitalisation’s impact on the labour force. Faced by these challenges, the EU needs to keep its global role and to strengthen growth by creating a European social dimension. Furthermore, the Social Pillar will not only benefit all member states, but also create an advantage for Swedish companies wanting to establish themselves in an eastern member state. According to Jutte, some member states need the Social Pillar due to uncertainty in their labour markets. “It is a shared commitment”, Jutte said. This, according to Jutte, will not go against the Swedish model – that is just a “false contradiction”. On the contrary, the Social Pillar was inspired by the Nordic and Swedish systems, thus Sweden should be pleased to spread this vital model.

marianne godis blå ringorm på hund bilder MEP Federley was strongly critical of the Social Pillar and pointed out the difference between “Europe as a super state”, as phrased by the leader of ALDE-group Verhofstadt, and “federalism” as it ought be with distinct levels of competence. Federley posed the question why the EU should present one universal solution for all the member states, when some states already have well-functioning labour markets. According to Federley, the EU should instead advice those member states that “don’t do their homework” and encourage them to adopt better labour market systems with, for instance, regulation by collective agreements. The Social Pillar will not only give the populist groups more ammunition according to Federley, but eventually also risk tearing the union apart.

väckarklocka barn åhlens The discussion also had lively input from the audience on how the Social Pillar will impact different actors within the EU. Historically, the EU has always had a social dimension with some conferred powers in the area of social policy. Yet recently, the proposed directives are becoming far more detailed, leading to questions about whether the Social Pillar could interfere too much with well-functioning national labour-market systems. This is the backdrop to the seminar and the reason for its topical question: what impact will this new development have on European prosperity going forward?

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The Nordic countries need to block EU assault on tax veto

översätt halsfluss till engelska TAX For countries with a common currency and a limited common budget, it is particularly important to be able to pursue an active national fiscal policy when an external shock is encountered, writes Claes Hammarstedt.
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Artificial intelligence on everybody’s mind

slagits på korsord EVENT Artificial intelligence is on everybody’s mind in the EU capital. The European Commission recently launched its strategy for artificial intelligence, which focuses on promoting research and development of AI across European sectors.
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AI made in EU

jefferson davis wikipédia JOINT EFFORT The EU-commission has presented a joint effort with Member States to promote the development and use of artificial intelligence, AI, in Europe. To strengthen AI-technology and uptake in Europe is welcome. Swedish Enterprise believes that the conditions within Europe must be strengthened in order to successfully improve the global competitiveness of our companies. Here are our thoughts and proposals.
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Swedish expert represents European industry in expert group on AI

bästa romantiska filmerna netflix ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s digital expert Carolina Brånby is representing BusinessEurope in the European Commission High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, AI HLEG. Their role is drafting ethical guidelines, and to create recommendations on how to strengthen the uptake of AI within the EU.
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What impact of the Social Pillar on EU prosperity?

The EU’s approach to social policy is currently changing. In November 2017, the European Pillar of Social Rights (the Social Pillar) was proclaimed as a visionary document setting up goals for an upward convergence in this area. In this year’s State of Union address, the president of the EU-commission Jean-Claude Juncker asserted that “It is time we turned the good intentions that we proclaimed at the Gothenburg Social Summit into law”. And, as a matter of fact, this process is well under way.
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The entrepreneurial perspective is being neglected in the EU digitalisation process

The digital single market is a hot topic in the EU right now. Sweden has plenty of confidence when it comes to digitalisation, which does by its nature transcends all borders. The government’s overall goal is for Sweden to be best in the world at using the opportunities offered by digitalisation. But unfortunately the entrepreneurial perspective usually comes second when the European countries attempts to create a digital inner market.
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American tariffs hurt Swedish and European industry

"President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is very unfortunate. It will hurt Swedish industry both directly and indirectly", says Carola Lemne, Director General of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
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The EU-commission wants to go big on AI

rättvisans män säsong 1 AI  The US and China are way ahead of Europe regarding development of autonomous computer systems. That disadvantage must change if European business and industry is to retain its competitive edge into the future, writes Olof Erixon, Senior legal counsel.
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EU – the clearest voice for free trade

In the beginning of May, the Free Market Road Show (FMRS) took place in Stockholm. Jens Hedström, Head of Brussels Office, International Director, Swedish Enterprisehar människan landat på mars , was one of the panellists together with PJ Anders Linder, CEO Axess Foundation, the British economist Richard Teather among others.
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Sweden should oppose the digital tax proposals

señoritas de avignon titanic TAXES The Swedish Government should oppose the controversial digital tax proposals from the EU Commission and work with the OECD to find an internationally acceptable solution.
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Controversial EU tax proposal on digital services causes concern for small exporting economies

värvet international arkiv TAX The Director Generals for the Swedish, Danish and Finnish business federations have, in a joint letter addressed to the Finance Ministers of their respective countries, expressed their concern for the EU Commissions digital tax plan.
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Protectionism only produces losers

The impact of globalisation has been positive for most of the world’s population. However, the economic integration of economies also accelerates change which puts increasing pressure on societies to be able to adapt to such change. We need to stand up for the clear advantages of globalisation, while making sure our societies have the flexibility necessary to adapt to rapid changes in technology and labor markets. These were the main conclusion at a seminar about free trade and globalization in times of protectionism, organized by The Society for Business and Politics in the European Parliament.
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Let’s talk about the losers of protectionism

European politicians have a big role to play in communicating why globalisation matters. We need politicians that are brave enough to talk about the losers of protectionism, not just the losers of globalisation, writes Carola Lemne.
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The European Commission: Swedish companies best at innovation

Within the framework for the European Commission’s EU Industry Day February 22-23 in Brussels, Teknikföretagen and RISE was chosen to present how Swedish enterprise and academy cooperate around invention under the headline TESTBED Europe, accelerating innovation and strengthening eco-systems. The seminar proved to be one of the events most popular, and gathered experts from all over Europe. The participants all agreed that Sweden is the leading example of innovation, but why?
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OECDs ambassadors meeting – act for growth and prosperity

January 19th marked the date for BIACs annual meeting with the ambassadors of OECD. This year’s theme was ”Business priorities for OECD action: a call for growth and prosperity” and tackled subjects like entrepreneurship, multilateral framework for trade, tax and investments, creating opportunities for business to create the jobs of the future and developing high quality regulation that strengthens businesses competitiveness. 
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Trilogue negotiations – striking the right balance between transparency and efficiency

A trilogue is just what it sounds like – a dialogue between three parties. In a European context the three parties in question are the European parliament, the European Commission and the Council. There are advantages to these trilogues; it’s a quicker decision process which can be used ad hoc with the three most important parties present. But the opposition is growing against the increased frequency, particularly because of lack of transparency that trilogues entail.
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Entrepreneurship crucial for successful companies in Europe

We need a holistic perspective to be able to create a better European ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Innovation is not enough, the products must be commercialised and reach the market if companies are to be able tocreate growth.
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A framework for free flow of non-personal data in the European Union

blandfärs recept gi COMMENT The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise welcomes this regulation with its aim to ensure the free data flow within the European Union. Europe can no longer afford to keep the Digital Single Market held back by protectionism and fragmentation, says Göran Norén, Head of Department, Industrial Affairs, and Carolina Brånby, Digital Policy expert.
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Nordic labour market models and the Social Pillar – complementary or colliding?

ikea utemöbler 2016 SOCIAL PILLAR The Nordic employer organizations organised a seminar in Brussels where invited representatives from the EU institutions, industry and trade union discussed their views on the Social Pillar taking into account the Nordic labour market models.
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Connected consumers: risk or opportunity?

New technology and data-driven innovation create new business models and services that enable companies to help their customers by adjusting their products and become more relevant. At the same time, access to and analysis of data challenges the personal integrity and the view of how integrity should best be safeguarded. How shall development of new services and personalisation be balanced with demands of personal integrity? Do consumers have access to relevant information? And who is responsible for what?